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Engagement Rings based on your Star Sign

Engagement Rings based on your Star Sign

May 16 2022

If you love your Star Sign and are curious about Engagement rings, this is the blog for you! Find out what Engagement ring we think would suit your Star alignment, and learn more about your sign.


Aries is an energetic star sign - they are often courageous, willful and a natural leader. They are ruled by the planet Mars and their element is fire, making them passionate about what they believe in. The diamond is believed to be their main birthstone, symbolising eternal love and stronger relationships. 

A three-stone Diamond ring perfectly represents the Ram symbol for Aries:  our Zahra design features a central Round Brilliant Diamond with complimenting Pear cut Diamonds.


Taurus is a very reliable star sign - they are devoted to what they do, as well as being a patient friend and responsible colleague. They are ruled by Venus and their element is Earth, proving that they are grounded and stable. Their main birthstone is an Emerald, which is thought to be foresight, good fortune and youth.

A Brilliant Round Diamond with a 2mm Platinum Amorette band will be perfect for somebody who is passionate about this star sign, it is practical and represents the Bull beautifully: though if you feel like mixing it up, an emerald gemstone would also look lush.


Gemini is a charming and intelligent star sign - they are adventurous and love learning as well as being super chatty. They are ruled by Mercury and their element is Air, representing the fact that they are adaptable and outgoing. Their main birthstone is a Pearl, this symbolises purity and modesty.

An Emerald cut gemstone would be the perfect conversation starter for whoever wears this ring: Diamond set Emerald Nara in Rose Gold with diamond set shoulders.


Cancer is an intuitive star sign - they are empathetic, loyal and family orientated. They are ruled by the Moon and their element is water, meaning they can be emotional at times. Their birthstone is Ruby, which provides strength and attracts good luck. 

This Round Brilliant diamond set Athena features a twisting band crossing over to become four claws.


Leo is a vivacious star sign - they are passionate, theatrical and generous with their close ones. They are ruled by the Sun and their element is Fire, making them protective over the people they love. Their birthstone is Peridot, this symbolises prosperity, peace and success.

Our Pear cut Halo Bijou holds the central diamond with three claws with surrounding brilliant round diamonds and is micro pave-set in the shoulders.


Virgo is a very down-to-earth and practical star sign - they tend to be quite critical due to their sense of duty and a perfectionist. They are ruled by Mercury and their element is Earth, which can explain why they are so humble. Their birthstone is Blue Sapphire, these are known to protect Virgo from envy and harm.

A Princess cut Amara is the perfect Engagement ring for a Virgo, it’s simple yet sleek as well as easy to maintain.


Libra is a gracious star sign - they tend to seek beauty in everything as well as be fair-minded and social. They are ruled by Venus and their element is Air, hence why they are balanced and have a good sense of justice. Their birthstone is Opal: symbolising hope, purity and the truth.

An Asscher Rosa Diamond Ring in Platinum would be perfect for a Libra, with four round claws swooping down into a U-shape allowing light to flood into this diamond and maximise sparkle.


Scorpio is an enigmatic star sign - they are often very beguiling, passionate and love the extremes. They are ruled by Pluto and the Moon, their element is Water: this can explain why they spend a lot of their spare time reflecting. Their birthstone is Topaz, these are known to radiate Joy and protect them from evil thoughts.

This Pear Aurelia Diamond Ring in Platinum is perfect for a Scorpio, our Pear cut Solitaire Aurelia sweeps elegantly from a split band into three delicate claws which hold the diamond securely in place.


Sagittarius is a creative star sign - they tend to be happy, adventurous and extremely honest. They are ruled by Jupiter and their element is Fire, this causes them to feel the need to brighten up everyone else’s day. Their birthstone is a Blue Zircon: promoting wisdom, beauty and peace.

Alegra Diamond Ring in 18K Rose Gold is a Contemporary Solitaire style which elevates the Round Brilliant Diamond in three claws.


Capricorn is an ambitious star sign - they are caring, reliable and open-hearted. They are ruled by Saturn and their element is Earth, making them practical and realistic with their choices. Their birthstone is Garnet: symbolising fidelity, sincerity and grace.

The Marquise Amorette Diamond Ring in 18K Yellow Gold is inspired by the French meaning for little love. This marquise diamond is held in place by four claws and is simply perfect.


Aquarius is a forward-thinking star sign - they are often people-oriented, communicative and dedicated to the things they love. They are ruled by Uranus and their element is Air, this would explain why they are so generous. Their birthstone is Amethyst: symbolising peace, protection and passion. 

This Diamond Set Princess Abbraccio Diamond Ring in 18K White Gold is both delicate and dainty, the eighteen Round Brilliant are channel set into the shoulders making it sparkle.


Pisces is a very compassionate star sign - they are likeable, energetic and charming. They are ruled by Neptune and their element is Water. Their main birthstone is believed to be Aquamarine: a symbol of honesty, beauty and affection.

A Diamond set Heart Milena Diamond Ring in 18K Rose Gold is the perfect Engagement ring for a hopeless romantic. This ring features three claws, securing the Heart diamond with Round Brilliant diamonds set into the shoulders creating a dreamy ring.

At Quality Diamonds, we believe everyone has their own unique ring that will match their personality. All of these rings are beautiful and this blog is only a suggestion of what you might suit!


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