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How to choose your Engagement Ring together

How to choose your Engagement Ring together

January 03 2017

More and more couples are choosing to select and even design their engagement rings together. After leaving a wonderful review on our TrustPilot profile, we spoke to Sarah to hear how Jorge still managed to surprise her with a romantic proposal; even after they had chosen her perfect diamond ring together.

Sarah explains that when they took the joint decision that the time was right to get married, it seemed natural to choose the engagement ring together too.

"We chose it together because diamonds and rings are not one of Jorge's interests, it is fair to say, and we wanted to make sure it was right because it is something to wear every day forever... soppy but true"

Sarah was particularly keen that her engagement ring be a true classic, one that wouldn't look dated in twenty years. They selected a 1.27ct Round Brilliant diamond with an excellent cut grade to ensure fabulous sparkle. The six platinum claws of our Bellezza setting ensure that Sarah's diamond is held proud of the band allowing light to flood through it.  

Although they ordered together, Jorge arranged to collect the engagement ring alone. Sarah had no idea when or how he planned to officially propose, but had hoped it would be in the UK so they could re-visit the spot as regularly as they wanted.

One Sunday in October Jorge suggested a walk on Hampstead Heath. Sarah was a little suspicious after trying to give him a hug and being shrugged off - it turns out the ring was hidden in his coat!

"We got there and it was a beautiful day; sunny but with leaves on the ground. We walked up Parliament Hill and then down a little, where there are benches but hardly anyone around. We sat down and I was admiring the beautiful view and leaning forwards. When I looked back, he had the ring box out and got down on one knee, despite the mud, and asked me to marry him. It was perfect."

After keeping the unofficial secret between themselves it was wonderful to be able to share the news with Sarah's Mum. The perfect moment was topped off with a lovely lunch and fizz!

Sarah and Jorge have already turned their attention to wedding plans. In July they will marry at the gorgeous St. George's Hall in Liverpool. They've already ordered wedding rings and saved 15% by taking advantage of our Wedding Ring offer! Sarah has chosen a delicate Platinum Slight Court band to perfectly complement her engagement ring. Jorge's wedding ring is also Platinum, but a more masculine heavier weight. We can't wait to see the wedding photos.

It's easy to see why Sarah adores her ring. 

"I wear it all the time, and I smile each time I look at it. People have commented on how it sparkles... someone said they could see it sparkling and shining right across a huge church during an event we were both at! Jorge is really pleased with it too and especially loves how happy he has made me and how special and loved I felt when I was given it. I have to be honest, as much as I love the ring, I do love him more. Without meaning to sound cheesy, this lovely ring is a symbol of that to me"

We love that we have been able to work with Sarah and Jorge to create not just their perfect diamond engagement rings, but also their wonderful matching wedding rings. It's been a real pleasure and we wish you all the love and luck in the world.

You can read Sarah's wonderful review on TrustPilot


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