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How to take photos of your Engagement Ring

How to take photos of your Engagement Ring

In this blog, you’ll be finding out some helpful tips and tricks for taking the perfect photo of your engagement ring to show off to your friends on Facebook and Instagram!

The Right Lighting 

Sunlight is your best friend when it comes to good lighting to show off your gem. But, if it’s dark do not use flash! Try and use as much artificial light as you can instead. 


Different angles will catch the lighting differently on your centre stone depending on the cut, so moving the ring around a little will help you find it’s good side. 

Relax your Hand

Relaxed fingers always look better than hyperextended fingers! Looking at different hand poses for inspiration will definitely help, have a look at our Instagram here


If you’re on holiday and have a beautiful view then perfect! If not, that’s totally fine too. You and your partner can be the background with the ring in the foreground. Or, if there's an ‘instagrammable’ background near you, use that - it may be a popular spot or your living room (as long as it’s not messy or overwhelming to the point it takes away from the ring).


Now your background is sorted, you may feel like you need a prop: like a mug, flowers or even the ring box. Definitely have a play around with props and without and see what looks best, remember the photo is about the ring so try not to take the attention away from it.


Get rid of that chipped nail polish!!!! Get a manicure, clean up those cuticles and put on the nail oil - this way your hands look even better and super cute with your ring.

Know your Ring 

If your engagement ring has a unique setting, show it off! Whether it’s a hidden detail like an engravement or hidden diamond - try and include it in your photo.


If you’re shooting on your phone it may not live up to your professional photo expectations but the quality on phone cameras are getting better so there’s no harm in using your phone. Avoid zooming in to prevent your image from being pixelated, try and stay still to avoid blurriness and make sure your ring is in focus. Though with all the tips above your photos should look amazing anyway!


Take lots and lots of pictures. This is important because you may go through all this effort and not like the photo you’ve taken, whereas with multiple images you have a higher chance of finding ‘the one’. Different angles, ideas, props and lighting can help you find the perfect picture but you must only post one! This way it’s simple yet effective and if you love more than one, you and your partner can post one each!


Don’t be afraid to add a filter to your chosen photo, if it needs a couple of touch-ups like brightening and sharpening then do it - just try not to get carried away.


Now you know all the tips to take the perfect engagement ring photo, get creative!!!

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