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How to work out her finger size

How to work out her finger size

May 27 2022

Buying an Engagement ring without your other half knowing can be tricky, especially if you're not sure what finger size they are!

When it comes to Engagement Ring shopping, knowing what size to buy can be a guessing game. Unless your partner has been well prepared in letting you know their size a long time ago, judging what ring size to buy can be problematic.

Luckily, most rings can be resized, and here at Quality Diamonds, your first re-size is free.

Yet getting the ring just perfect, or close too for the proposal,  makes it all that more romantic!

If you’re not sure how to work out your partner's size, here are 3 sneaky ways of doing so!

Other rings they wear.

If you can borrow a ring your partner already wears from their jewellery box, this will be a good indication of what size to go for. It would also be helpful if you knew what finger they wore that ring on; this way, your jeweller will be able to judge what size their Engagement finger will be.

Knowing how their Engagement finger compares to your hand.

If you have an idea of how their finger measures up compared to yours, this may prove useful in giving an estimate of what size to choose. For example, if you know her Engagement finger is a similar size to your little finger, your jeweller can then measure your little finger, and work out a size guide from there.

Ask their friends.

You may find your partner has already had their finger measured, and their friends know their size. If you’re brave enough to ask them, and trust they won’t spill the beans, why not ask their friends for advice, as you may find they already know the answer to your question.


If you’re happy to ask your partner, or are ring shopping for ideas together, then order one of our free ring sizers!

Order a free ring sizer.

It’s an easy way to work out what size you need at home, making you well prepared for online shopping or visiting stores!

Once you know the size you need, it’s time to start shopping for the ring itself - to find our range of Engagement rings, click here.


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