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Solitaire Diamonds Rings

Solitaire Diamonds Rings

When you think of an Engagement Ring chances are your mind’s eye pictures a single stunning diamond solitaire. Since 1886 when the Tiffany-style diamond solitaire ring was launched, engagement rings styles have passed in and out of fashion - BUT the solitaire diamond ring has remained a firm favourite.

The solitaire is an ageless classic, its role in the world is to proclaim your “status” as an engaged person.  Holding the diamond high above the band ensures that light flicks through the stone, glinting, sparkling and leading all eyes around the room to your hand.

There are still many ways to make this classic your own.  Every solitaire ring features a single diamond set on a simple band.  However the uniqueness of each style is defined by the collate used to attach the diamond to the band.  From six prong baskets to four prong cathedrals, some feature stunning intricate side detailing while others are simple with cool clean lines.  Yellow Gold is been a classic diamond companion for many decades.

Classic Yellow and Gold 4 Claw settingClassic Tiffany Style ring

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As with Classic Solitaire rings, a single stunning diamond takes centre stage, but current fashions feature sweeping twists in either the band, or the angle at which the diamond is set.  Minimalist and tension settings, in which the diamond seemingly floats above the band promoting light to penetrate the stone and create exceptional sparkle, are also very much on trend right now.

Traditional diamond shapes such as Emerald, Pear and Marquise are making a resurgence as modern setting techniques propel them from the dainty fingers of Victorian Maidens to the capable hands of thoroughly Modern Women.

Contemporary trends still favour white metal, but the cost of Platinum has lead to the popularity of White Gold, and since gaining its hallmarks in 2010, Palladium. Palladium is a member of the Platinum family. It’s lighter and less dense than Platinum, but stronger and more durable that white gold. Palladium represents exceptional value for money and is a perfect compromise between Cost and Style.

Our Contemporary Solitaire rings are very much of our current time, but are so stylish and beautiful that they will secure their place as future classics

Contemporary tension set solitaire ring

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Exemplifying luxury and decadence, vintage diamond rings often stand out for featuring up to 30 additional diamonds. Using both pave and prong setting techniques, smaller diamonds are added to the ring and help create a timelessly magical style statement.

These sumptuously ornate vintage styles are designed to stand proud of the crowd. They command attention from across the room, and deserve every single envious gaze. These styles inspired by the past, are commanding the present and will live on long into the future because they represent the very best of luxury and style.

Once known as “Russian Gold”, Rose Gold is a classic metal making a resurgence in popularity. All of our styles, Classic, Contemporary and Vintage can be crafted for you in Rose Gold.

Although never secondhand; our vintage collection have the look and feel of past and future family heirlooms.

Round Vintage RingOval Halo Engagement Ring

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