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21 Simple, Romantic Ways to Propose - Part 2

21 Simple, Romantic Ways to Propose - Part 2

August 10 2021

Following on from our previous post "21 Simple, Romantic Ways to Propose - Part 1", we continue our countdown of well, 21 anxiety-free proposals:

15) Say it for the record

Send her a video message on her phone, telling her how much you love her (and why!) and asking her to marry you. Make sure she’ll get the message just before you’re due to meet. This is great if you’re feeling nervous as you can have as many practice runs as you like!

14) Spoil her

Take her to her favourite store and tell her to go wild with your credit card, a la Pretty Woman. Whether it’s clothes, shoes, books or miniature crystal hedgehogs that she can’t get enough of, few women can resist a shopping frenzy. Propose in store, while she’s still dizzy with spending power.

13) Make her laugh

If your ego can handle looking like a fool, then sit her down to watch you perform a heart-warming-slash-ear-curdling version of her favourite love song, complete with dance moves. If she’s still sitting there at the end, you know you've got a keeper. Propose before she stops laughing.

12) Say it with a bang

Fireworks always add drama to any occasion. If you can’t get your own, time your proposal to coincide with an impressive display nearby. Make sure you get a good viewpoint so you can pop the question as the rockets burst overhead.

11) Arrange a special delivery

Have the ring delivered to your girlfriend at home or at work by courier. Include a simple note in the box that says “Marry me?” When she calls you to say yes, you’ll be waiting outside her door with a bunch of flowers and a smile.

Check back tomorrow for the final part in our top 21 countdown!


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