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At Home Proposal Ideas

At Home Proposal Ideas

June 19 2024

An at-home proposal may well be perfect for you and your partner, below are a number of ideas to make your day special.

Breakfast in Bed

A simple yet effective way to propose: not only are you making them breakfast, which is effectively the most important meal of the day, but you’ll have a whole day ahead of you to celebrate and tell everyone! 

A Romantic Dinner

Give your partner a break by cooking them their favourite meal, along with some wine and a candlelit dinner - and the ring of course… 

Treasure Hunt 

This is perfect if your partner loves a challenge, you can make this super unique by including hints and hiding clues in special places that mean something to the both of you - the final clue can lead to you being down on one knee with the ring.

Favourite Spot

Propose in your partner’s favourite spot in your house. Though this gesture alone is already special, you can give it that extra touch by including things like fairy lights, candles, photos on strings and flower petals. 

A Zoom Call

Surprise your partner with a Zoom call that involves their close friends and family, this way they can be involved and be included in the magical moment.

Wine Tasting

If your partner loves wine, this is perfect! You can set it up to be romantic and incorporate things your partner loves. If your partner is more of a party person, you can have your own pub crawl - different rooms would involve different music and drinks. The last room you go in can be the one where you propose, here you could include more meaningful music and other little things.

Favourite Location

Recreate your partner’s favourite place from the comfort of your own home, this can be a restaurant or travel location. Decorate the room with things that represent their favourite place and give them an all-inclusive experience and when they think they’ve been surprised with this, get down on one knee and propose!


Play your favourite board and card games. Tell your partner, when they win a specific amount of times they get a present - this will be you proposing of course! You could create your own game where it leads to you proposing. Or you could do a quiz to see how much you know each other and have your last question be ‘Will you marry me?’, I’m sure they won’t see that coming - especially if they’re competitive.

A Trip down Memory Lane

For this, you can create a scrapbook and go through some of your favourite memories together- from the first time you met, to your most recent holiday. When you get to the end, have a page that says the date you got engaged (i.e. today)! Your partner may be confused but all you have left to do is get down on one knee and propose and the penny will drop! 

A different approach would be to hang up lots of photos of you together to mark special events and the last photo could be blank with the words ‘Will you marry me?’ 


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