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21 Simple, Romantic Ways to Propose - Part 3

21 Simple, Romantic Ways to Propose - Part 3

August 11 2021

In the finally part of our top 21 countdown, we continue from ten to one of our favourite anxiety-free proposals:

10) Get steamy

Run a hot bath with lots of bubbles and candles. Write your proposal in the steam on the bathroom mirror. Then climb in the tub and call her…

9) Be unputdownable

If your partner likes reading, sneakily switch her usual bookmark for one you prepared earlier. On the new bookmark, list all the different things you love about her on one side and write your proposal on the other. Make sure you’re around when she’s in the reading mood!

8) Spell it out

Use magnetic letters to spell out ‘Will you marry me?’ on the fridge door. You could set it up so she saw it first thing in the morning or, if you’re a quick speller, arrange it as she’s digging around in the bottom drawer for the lemon zester.

7) Stage a friendly ambush

Plot your proposal with the help of your closest friends. Arrange for someone else to throw a dinner party. Your girlfriend will never suspect it’s secretly in her honour. Get your friend to bring the ring out on a plate when it’s time for dessert and drop to one knee...

6) Start at the beginning

Whether your eyes met across a crowded room or you bumped bottoms in a crowded tube train, the place you met will always hold a certain magic. Create a unique proposal by recreating the moment with as much accuracy as possible. Sort of like a Crimestoppers reconstruction, but much nicer.

5) Lie like broccoli

If the weather is in your favour, pack up some fresh fruit and cucumber sandwiches and head out for a lazy afternoon in your local park. As you both lie back and watch the clouds roll by, you can pull the ring out of your pocket and move it into her field of view.

4) Play hide and seek

There are two ways to play this. You could write a series of clues that lead her to different places until she finds the ring. Or, if you don’t want to be that obvious, tell her you’ve lost your glasses/keys/shoes and ask her to help you find them. Make helpful suggestions about where she should look…

3) Enjoy a quiet night in

Sometimes there’s nothing better than snuggling on the sofa and watching TV. You can make it special by supplying chocolates and candles. Then when it’s time to get a drink, bring her an empty cup or glass with the ring in it. Just make sure that she’s not so mesmerized by EastEnders that she accidentally drinks it.

2) Make a scene

Almost every romantic comedy ends with the guy racing to stop the girl getting on a plane/bus/train and leaving him forever. The next time your girl leaves you – even if it’s to go to the dentist – run after her, in the rain if at all possible. Just make sure you have an Oscar worthy speech prepared for when you catch her.

And our number one romantic, intimate, simple proposal is…

1) Be spontaneous

Drop everything you’re doing – yes, even reading this – and go and find her. Give her a big kiss and then say “I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” We can feel her heart melting already.


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