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Can we really afford bespoke wedding rings?

Can we really afford bespoke wedding rings?

August 24 2023

Long gone are the days when wedding rings had to be limited to a simple band of gold. Innovations in techniques and crafting, changes in styles and trends have given us (non-celebrity types) more opportunities to express ourselves with our own jewellery. And where better to do this than in the one piece of jewellery you hope to be wearing for the rest of your life.

So, what is a bespoke Wedding Ring?

Bespoke items are jewellery pieces made specifically for your design requirements. They can be created from sketches, photos and even from chatting through ideas with our Designers. But they can also be items from our website that have been changed or tweaked from their original design, especially for you.

At Quality Diamonds our website will guide you through the process of personalising your wedding ring style; building from scratch to create your ideal rings.

 We start with the precious metal, Yellow Gold is traditional for wedding rings, its warm rich colour improves with age and will not rust, tarnish or corrode.

If you prefer a white metal, then White Gold and Platinum are obvious choices; but Palladium is a fantastic alternative to Platinum! We also have a range of Rose Gold rings which can now be ordered online or by talking to one of our Diamond Experts. Make sure you check our Expert Advice to help if you need more help choosing.

Once you have selected your metal, your next choice is all about the “bling”.  Would you like diamonds in your wedding ring?  This obviously will depend on your taste, and also your budget.  If you choose to stick with a simple clean elegant band without diamonds, your next choice is the profile of the ring.

The profile of a wedding ring is its shape; whether it has a curved or flat appearance on the inner and outer surfaces and flat or rounded edges. The shape can most easily be illustrated by cutting an imaginary line through the band. If an inner or outer surface is curved, then it’s known as a ‘court’. Flat surfaces are simply called that - ‘flat’ - as are the edges when they have a straight appearance.

Choosing a profile is mainly an aesthetic decision. Courts ‘soften’ the look of the ring and a ring with a slightly rounded inner surface or edges is usually more comfortable to wear. Flat surfaces give a ring a more modern feel and are popular with men because they look more ‘masculine’ - for example, a wide, heavy ring with flat edges has an industrial look.

All our wedding rings can be ordered in a variety of widths, from very narrow (2mm) to very wide (8mm). Once you have chosen the width of your ring, you will see that all our wedding rings are available in three standard weights all of which will impact the price. Light Weight 1.4mm, Medium Weight 1.7mm and Heavy Weight 2.1mm. The weight is directly linked to the price of your ring. So if you are limited by budget, stick to low or medium-weight rings.

So far these choices have created a gorgeous plain band but you can personalise your ring even further.  All our wedding rings come with our attractive ‘Polished’ finish as standard but you can also choose a ‘Brushed’ finish!

Finally - a secret personal touch…

We can engrave the inner surface of your ring with up to 26 characters in one of our six beautiful fonts.

So in answer to the Question - Can we afford bespoke wedding rings, the answer is a resounding Yes!

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