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Wedding Ring Engravement Ideas

Wedding Ring Engravement Ideas

November 23 2023

Knowing what to get engraved in your Wedding Rings can become quite the task, it’s a bit overwhelming to know what to choose. This blog includes some classic to unique ideas that you may want to go along with!

Special Dates

Significant dates are the perfect way to engrave your rings. The date of your Wedding engraved on your Wedding rings is the best way to make sure you and your partner will never forget - you have no excuse to, as you’d be wearing it every day! 

Some dates that may be important to you are the date of your engagement, your anniversary or even the date you and your partner met: any date that is special to you can be engraved into a ring.

The date you choose should also be written out the way you think is best, for example - 08/10/20, 08.10.20 or October 8th 2020.

Cute Quotes 

A short phrase is a lovely way to express your love to your partner through a ring engravement. You may think of one by yourself but below is some inspiration that you may need to find the best short but sweet quote for you.

  • You’re all I ever need 
  • Forever and Always
  • My one and only 
  • I love you 
  • For Eternity 
  • My heart is yours 
  • Perfect Fit 
  • I choose you 
  • You’re my Lobster 
  • I do 
  • Officially yours

Something Meaningful

You and your partner probably have something special that you both love and is super meaningful to both of you. This could be something you include in your vows, if it’s short enough you could have it engraved into your Wedding Rings

A quote from your favourite show or book, or even lyrics from you and your partner's song played for your first dance.

Another idea is something to do with a location - where you first met, a place that has great significance to both of you.

Similar to this would be something to commemorate the way you met, again the name of the location or something you may remember from that day.

A phrase written in a different language is perfect if you both love to travel, for example, you could translate ‘I love you’ or ‘My love’.

Name or Initials

This is a no-brainer! With this idea, you could play around with what looks and sounds best for both you and your partner. 

Your names are the first option to think about - consider whether you want both names on your rings or if you just want each other's names. It’s common to just do first names but think about the order that sounds best and how you may want to join them ( would you use ‘+’, ‘&’ or ‘and’).

Another option is simply the last name you will share, having this engraved is meaningful to you both as the rings represent the day the two of you become one. 

Initials are a simple yet effective way to engrave your Wedding rings. You could just use your first initials or include both your first and last. 

Your nicknames for each other are a cute and unique way to engrave your Wedding Rings. 

Split messages 

A split message is a beautiful metaphor for how you and your partner are connected by love, which is represented by your Wedding Rings. So the idea of this is having one phrase split between two rings, when they’re together they’re connected and make sense.

  • Two souls, one heart 
  • Together forever, never apart 
  • Forever, Always 
  • Together, forever
  • I love you, I love you more 
  • To the moon, and back 
  • When two, become one 
  • Forever dancing, to the beat of your heart 
  • To infinity, and beyond
  • To have, to hold


Sometimes, words just aren’t enough. You may have a symbol or sign that means much more to you and your partner than words. 

Your partner’s fingerprint is something that can be engraved into your ring.

A heart is the universal symbol of love, this is a meaningful and pretty way to have your wedding rings engraved. 

A symbol that represents your love for each other that is unique to both of you is also a nice thing to get engraved.

Something funny 

If your relationship is full of laughter, you and your partner may enjoy something a bit more fun to engrave your Wedding rings with: like an inside joke that runs between the both of you. Below are a few ideas that may be a bit more up your alley. 

  • Insert finger here 
  • No refunds 
  • Finders keepers
  • To love, honour and irritate
  • Do not remove
  • You’ll do 
  • Finally 
  • Don’t lose this one 

If you want some more help with how to choose the inscription, read our other blog about it here.


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