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When’s the best time to buy your Wedding Rings?

When’s the best time to buy your Wedding Rings?

January 09 2023

If you’re planning your wedding, you know first-hand how stressful it can be. So why not make it easier when buying your Wedding Rings? Here’s a guide to having the happy experience you should get when buying your rings.

We recommend that you at least look for wedding ring styles you like around three to four months prior to the wedding, giving you plenty of time to find the ones you want. This way, no matter whether you want bespoke rings or styles we already have in stock you won’t have to worry: as depending on what you want some styles can take up to a couple of weeks. 


Searching for your wedding rings is a really nice thing to do with your partner and it’s a lovely experience. 

Getting your wedding rings early can mean:

  • They will definitely be finished in time for your special day.
  • You won’t have to wear backup wedding rings, making your real ones feel way more important and special.
  • They won’t be rushed and they’ll end up exactly how you want them.
  • You won’t have to worry about it, meaning the lead-up to your wedding day is that small amount easier.
  • You can have the special details you asked for and get to wear them on your wedding day and afterwards without having to take it off for extras.
  • You can have your rings ticked off as done, off that long list you have to get done: it’s such an easy thing to tick off too!
  • Leaving time for you to get your engagement ring polished closer to your wedding day.
  • Taking more time to choose the ring that feels right, is handy for people who tend to wear rings less.

Things that may take longer with your wedding rings:

  • Engravings can add a few extra days.
  • Resizing, some rings cannot be resized - like a full diamond coverage ring.
  • Anything bespoke! As we said before, custom wedding rings can take up to two to three weeks.


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