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Classic Solitaire Rings

Classic Solitaire Rings

A timeless style statement, and a traditional symbol of intention; a Classic Solitaire emphasises the style and beauty of a solitary perfect diamond.

Each ring features a single diamond set on a simple band, however the uniqueness of each style is defined by the collate used to attach the diamond to the band. We offer several styles of collet from Six prong baskets to Four prong cathedrals. Some feature stunningly intricate side detailing while others are simple and leave the diamond more exposed allowing light to flood through and maximise sparkle.

Brilliant Round and Princess Cut diamonds make popular Classic Solitaire rings, however we have an extensive range of Solitaire settings for Emerald, Asscher, Marquise, Pear, Oval, Heart, Radiant and Cushion shaped diamonds.

All our Classic Solitaire rings are available in Platinum (950), 18K Yellow Gold, 18K White Gold, Rose Gold and Palladium (950) so you can fully personalise your ring.

Our Classic Solitaire rings are for people who understand the beauty of simple understated elegance, they know that quality is is the most impressive attribute. Classic Solitaire wearers are (quite rightly) proud of their new found status as an “engaged person” and embrace the symbology that their single perfect diamond represents an unequivocal announcement to the world.

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