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Contemporary Solitaire Rings

Contemporary Solitaire Rings

Contemporary Solitaire rings fuse the traditional Solitaire style with sleek modern lines and geometric shapes.

A single stunning diamond takes centre stage, however it is attached to the band using modern techniques and styles. Current fashions feature sweeping twists in either the band, or the angle at which the diamond is set.

Minimalist and tension settings, in which the diamond seemingly floats above the band promoting light to penetrate the stone and create exceptional sparkle, are also very much on trend right now.

Traditional diamond shapes such as Emerald, Pear and Marquise are making a resurgence as modern setting techniques propel them from the dainty fingers of Victorian Maidens to the capable hands of thoroughly Modern Women.

All our Contemporary Diamond Engagement Rings are available in Platinum (950), 18K Yellow Gold, 18K White Gold, Rose Gold and Palladium (950) so you can fully personalise your ring.

A Contemporary Solitaire Ring is the perfect choice for a modern person who is happy for a diamond to sparkle above the rest. They are comfortable enough with there-self that they enjoy standing out from the crowd without needing to scream out for attention. The engagement ring must reflect a sense of fashion and place in the world right now. Our Contemporary Diamond Rings are very much of our current time, but are so stylish and beautiful that they will secure their place as future classics.

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