PL 18K 18K 18K 9K 9K 9K PA PL 18K 18K 18K 9K 9K 9K PA Length: 4.37mm Length: 4.37mm Width: 4.35mm

Halo Solitaire Diamond Rings

Halo Solitaire Diamond Rings

Cluster rings, featuring large central stones have moved in and out of fashion influenced by the trends of the super rich and aristocracy for centuries.

The engagement of Prince William, and Kate Middleton back in 2011 propelled the Halo ring back to the top of our Wish lists where it has remained and evolved since 2011.  As with most trends that start with the social and aristocratic elite, halo settings have evolved for the wider market. Modern Halo settings often feature Micro pave diamonds and intricate milgrain details which can make the centre stone look up to half a carat larger and represent excellent value for money.

The halo trend has been further explored and look equally fabulous on square and fancy cut stones. Our Bijou range of rings is available in every diamond shape we offer. From Oval to Emerald and Cushion to Pear shape, we have a halo ring to suit your taste and budget.

All our Halo Diamond Engagement Rings are available in Platinum (950), 18K Yellow Gold, 18K White Gold, Rose Gold and Palladium (950) so you can fully personalise your ring.

These sumptuously ornate halo styles are designed to stand proud of the crowd. They command attention from across the room, and deserve every single envious gaze. 

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