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Are Promise Rings still ‘in’?

Are Promise Rings still ‘in’?

July 22 2022

Although it may (for some) seem like something you’d do in school - promise rings are a huge part of many adult relationships. Read on to see why…

What’s the Meaning of a Promise Ring?

For many, a promise ring is a symbol of commitment: think of it as a step up from dating. Obviously, the significance behind them can differ between couples, some will have their own meaning. 

Here are some examples of what Promise Rings may mean.

  • To simply show how much you love each other.
  • To symbolise you will always keep your promises.
  • To Celebrate any milestones in your relationship.
  • For long-distance couples to express, even though they are miles apart they’re still fully committed.
  • For those who feel it’s too early for marriage in your relationship (or you simply don’t want to) but still want to show your commitment.

What’s the History behind Promise Rings?

Promise Rings have been in existence for a very long time - they can be dated back to the 2nd Century BC when roman brides wore promise rings as a symbol of a marriage promise. At the time, couples had to follow a law where they were made to wait for some time before announcing their goal to marry. It also made it clear that a woman was not available and in a committed relationship.

In the 15th to 17th centuries, promise rings were engraved with romantic poems - expressing affection and devotion.

Additionally, Acrostic Rings were popular during Georgian and Victorian Eras. 

Who Can Wear a Promise Ring?

Absolutely anyone can wear (or give) a Promise Ring: they are even gifted between friends!

In some couples, only one person will wear a promise ring and other couples wear matching ones.

What Finger Does a Promise Ring go on?

There is no correct finger to wear a promise ring, whatever feels most comfortable to you! Though most don’t wear one on their Engagement Ring Finger, no judgement if you did!

Even so, who said you were restricted to wearing it on one of your fingers? Some wear them on a chain around their neck.

When is the best time to gift a Promise Ring?

Whenever it feels right to you. You don’t need to go all out, like you may when proposing but you could still do something special if you feel like it - there are no rules, so do what you think is best. 

What we will definitely suggest though is DO NOT get down on one knee - this is misleading and could turn your lovely gesture sour.

What does a Promise Ring Look Like?

Just like people, Promise Rings can come in all shapes and sizes. There are no rules or restrictions on what can be worn as a Promise Ring, some may say not to get anything as ‘flashy’ as an engagement ring but we say you do you! At the end of the day, you know your partner best - so go with your gut.

If you’re feeling a bit stuck, read this blog to see what we’d recommend


Whether Promise Rings are ‘in’ or not, we think they’re a perfect way to symbolise one’s love and commitment. So if you want to get one for your partner (or friend), go for it - we most definitely won’t stop you!


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