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9 things you need to know about engagement rings

9 things you need to know about engagement rings

April 22 2022

In this blog are some interesting facts about Engagement Rings that you may or may not already know!

  1. The national average spent on an engagement ring in the UK is (currently) £1865
  2. In the Victorian Era, it was actually common to choose ‘acrostic’ rings that featured a word spelt out by the first letter of gemstones - these could be names or just romantic words. For example, a ring would spell out ‘love’ using a Labradorite, Opal, Violet Amethyst and Emerald.
  3. In the UK, an engagement ring is most commonly worn on the third finger of your left hand. This is linked to the historic belief that there is a vein from this finger to your heart, so the ring is held as close to your heart as possible.
  4. The concept of an engagement ring is thought to have originated in Ancient Egypt, where the shape of the ring was considered a symbol of eternity. It is said that rings were made by braiding and twisting papyrus reeds of hemp together.
  5. The most commonly worn diamond cut in an engagement ring is a Round Brilliant diamond, closely followed by a Princess cut.
  6. If bought from a trusted jeweller, you can always be sure of what metal your engagement ring is made of - by checking for a hallmark on the inside of the band.
  7. The claws that hold the stone in place can be caught on clothing and hair, as well as become damaged from not taking good care of your ring. A buildup of dirt and oil underneath the claws can also cause them to move and the stone can come loose. You should keep your engagement ring clean and have it checked at your jewellers annually - learn how to properly take care of an engagement ring here
  8. As previously mentioned, it is common in the UK for an engagement ring to be worn on the left hand - but this isn’t the case worldwide. In many other countries (like Northern and Eastern European countries) it is worn on the right hand instead.
  9. And lastly, did you know that Quality Diamonds are one of the longest-established online Diamond Engagement Ring specialists in the UK?


Did you know any of the above facts?


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