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Our top tips on how to look after your Engagement ring and Wedding rings!

Our top tips on how to look after your Engagement ring and Wedding rings!

November 22 2021

Keep your Diamonds sparkling with our advice on cleaning, protecting and storing your Engagement and Wedding rings!

The symbol of your love and affection, and an everlasting reminder of the day you decided to spend the rest of your lives together; your Engagement ring and Wedding rings will embellish your hands for many years to come. Whilst you admire over your gorgeous Diamonds, it’s important to remember that your precious jewellery needs just as much love and care as it represents.

We’ve brought together our top tips on how to care for your rings, to help you ensure that their timeless beauty lasts a lifetime!

Cleaning your rings

Overtime, product and residue build up can fill open spaces in your rings, especially rings with intricate details, or Diamonds with larger open settings. This can cause your Diamond to lose it’s sparkle and portray a dull appearance.
If you haven’t got time to pop into a local jeweller for a clean, then never fear! Cleaning your diamonds and rings at home can be simple, with quick and easy guide below.

  1. Fill a small bowl with warm water and a drop of mild washing up liquid.
  2. Pop in your Diamond rings and jewellery, and allow to soak for about 5-10 minutes, allowing any build-up or residue to soften.
  3. Take your rings out of the bowl, and using a soft toothbrush (we recommend a baby toothbrush) gently clean your ring. Ensure you remove any build up.
  4. Dip the ring back into the warm soapy water, and rinse thoroughly.
  5. Clean and dry the ring with a soft jewellers polishing cloth.
  6. Check the ring is clean and dirt free, if not, repeat steps 3-5 until your ring is sparkling!


Cleaning your rings regularly is important, as the build up underneath Diamonds (especially smaller Diamond details on the band) can cause Diamonds to dislodge or become loose in their setting if left for a long period of time. Therefore we recommend cleaning your Diamonds and Rings at least once a month, or as often as you want!

Protecting your rings

Rare and full of lustre, as gorgeous as precious metals are, unfortunately they aren’t indestructible. The metals that we use for Jewellery are formed to be malleable to an extent, so that they can be made into Jewellery and rings. This makes them more susceptible to scratches and marks, and slight changes in shape from high temperatures and high amounts of pressure.
Additionally, even though Diamonds are one of the hardest substances known to man, it is important to keep them protected from certain elements and environments.
We recommend protecting your rings from the following...

  • Take your ring off if you are doing any heavy lifting. As well as the possibility of scratching your ring, heavy pressure on your ring can sometimes affect and change the overall shape of the ring; often causing the ring to become move oval, or get caught and bend out of shape.
    Therefore we recommend taking your ring off for any manual work, or weightlifting at the gym.
  • Take your ring off before showering or swimming. The chlorine in swimming pools isn’t particularly kind to metals and diamonds, so it is best to make sure your rings are taken off and kept somewhere safe before jumping in the pool. As well as this, colder water can often make your hands shrink, and in turn make it easier for your ring to slip off your fingers.
    Therefore we recommend taking your ring off whenever you are going near water, such as showers, baths, swimming pools and oceans.
  • Take your ring off before using chemicals. Chemicals can be harsh on your precious metal, so it is best to keep your ring away from anything that could potentially damage it. If you don’t want to take your ring off, make sure you wear a rubber glove to protect it from reacting to any products you are using.
    Therefore, we recommend keeping your ring protected or away from any cleaning chemicals, or things like a hand sanitiser or harsh liquids.
  • Put your ring on last when it comes to applying products like perfumes and moisturisers. These products might not necessarily react with your ring in the same way as other chemicals, but can often cause build up on top or underneath your Diamonds. This can cause your Diamonds sparkle to not perform to it’s best ability, and dull the colour and lustre of your Diamond and metal.
    Therefore we recommend applying moisturisers and perfumes before putting your ring on, and allowing your products to fully soak in too.

Storing your rings

When you are not wearing your ring, it is best to keep it stored in a soft protective case or box. If you do not have a Jewellery box, then a small soft pouch is a great idea. This also makes an easy carry ‘case’, and somewhere easy to use as storage if you ever need to take your ring off when you are out and about. We recommend storing each piece of jewellery separately, or making sure they are separated by a soft cloth. This is so that the rings do not rub or knock against each other, also, Diamonds are hard and can easily scratch other gemstones or metals.


By following our few simple tips, taking care of your rings can be easy, and the sparkle and beauty of your ring can last forever!

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