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All About December Birthstones

All About December Birthstones

December 08 2021

The month that marks the end of a Calendar year, Christmas and possibly your birthday has three main birthstones - but which one is your favourite?

Blue Zircon

The traditional December Birthstone, Blue Zircon, has been believed to aid in spiritual growth and promote wisdom since the middle ages. It enhances innocence, purity and constancy as well as helps clear your mind - not only that, but those who wear it are believed to find beauty and peace. 

Many people believe that Zircon and lab-grown Cubic Zirconia are the same, this error keeps them from enjoying Zircon’s sparkling beauty. 

At its purist,  Zircon is colourless making it easy for consumers to get it confused with a diamond. Impurities in Zircons cause other colours to emerge in the stone, such as yellowish brown, orange, red, and very rarely green and blue. Due to the popularity of Blue Zircons, brown Zircons (which are more common) are heat treated to turn them blue permanently. 


The most modern December Birthstone, Tanzanite, wasn’t discovered until 1967 in Tanzania, East Africa - hence the name, which is in honour of its country origin and the only place on Earth where it has been found.

When first mined it’s often blue, it can also be brown and routinely heat treated to permanently draw out its exotic blue-purple colour. 

It’s a brittle stone but can be worn daily, care should be taken to protect it from knocks, pressure and extreme temperature changes. Best set in Earrings and Pendants, this way you can keep it in its best condition and avoid damage.


A modern birthstone, this stone is known for its protection, healing, courage, friendship and luck. It’s believed to relax the mind and ease mental tensions: as well as attract money, success and love.

A Turquoise is the only gemstone to have an official colour named after it.

This stone can range in colour from bright blue to tibetan green - this is due to the different levels of copper and aluminium present in the water that flows through the rocks in which it is formed. 

Turquoise can be damaged by acids and discoloured by certain chemicals, but it can be avoided by cleaning it occasionally with warm water. 

The gemstones above can be set into any jewellery you wish, making them a wonderful gift to give this time of year to someone who is born in December. 


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