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At Home Date Ideas

At Home Date Ideas

Dates at home are refreshing and different from the usual date night - going out and having a nice meal etc. A big plus is you don’t have to worry too much about what you’re going to wear or how you’re going to do your hair. Below are some of our favourite dates from home.

A Picnic

This can be done in your house or your garden, depending on what the weather is like and what you prefer. Picnics are super cute and they’re a lovely way to spend time with your partner. Including your partner's favourite snacks and drinks is a good way to earn brownie points, you could also play games to pass the time.

The Sky

Whether it’s watching the sunset or sunrise, or the night sky. Grab a blanket and some cushions, fairy lights and you’ll be all set. This is super romantic and a good way to embrace nature from home.

At Home Cinema

Create your own cinema in the comfort of your own home - or garden. You can buy some popcorn, snacks and drinks of your choice and watch your favourite movies together. Or you can recreate your partner’s favourite movie and tv show or a specific scene, for example, if it’s Harry Potter, you could make some props and get creative!

Arts and Crafts

Even if neither of you is particularly creative, this is a fun way to bond with each other and have some fun! You can make a competition out of it or make something together like a scrapbook or even DIY’s for you home!

Build a Fort

This may seem silly but it’s super fun - you can make a fort together as you would as a child, but this time you can go all in. It can be cosy, super cute with fairy lights or any way you like and take full advantage of it by spending the evening in it, watching movies and eating a takeaway!


A great way to have fun and get competitive with your partner is playing games: whether it’s board games, card games or quizzes they will definitely make or break you! 

Dinner Date

A classic - you can cook dinner together or order your favourite takeaway and eat it by candlelight, romantic and yummy.


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