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Blushing Beauty ~ Rose Gold

Blushing Beauty ~ Rose Gold

January 29 2021

Precious metals are as susceptible to changing moods and fashions as clothing, hairstyles and even fad diets! For several decades now displays in high street stores have been dominated by White or Yellow metals. 18K Yellow gold the “original” precious metal, much revered throughout history as far back as early civilisations, has been a mainstay of jewellery design throughout the ages.

Platinum, the most precious metal commonly found in jewellery, has an equally long history. Reaching a peak in popularity in the early 20th Century until World War II lead to the US Government banning it’s use in all non-military applications. This ban lead to a surge in demand for White Gold. 18K White Gold has the same properties as yellow gold, but has been alloyed with metals such as nickel, zinc or even platinum. White diamonds look fabulous when set in white metals and the lower price tag has cemented white gold position as one of the most popular metals on the market today.

But the last few years has seen a gentle resurgence of a blushing precious metal; Rose Gold is stepping back into the limelight.  Sometimes referred to as pink or red gold (depending on the shade’s intensity) Rose gold is created by alloying traditional yellow gold with copper.  The more copper in the mix, the deeper shade of blush.

Rose gold has faded in and out of favour since it’s first popularity spike in nineteenth century Russia. So popular were the pink gold tones, it even gained the nickname “Russian Gold”. Rose gold’s popularity spread through European Victorian society where it’s soft pink hues were came to symbolise romance.

During the 1920’s the popularity of Rose Gold reached it’s highest peak. Thanks in part to renowned french jeweller Cartier, and the release of the now iconic “Trinity” ring. The ring was made up of three entwined bands. One yellow for fidelity, one white for friendship and one rose for love.

The warm tones of rose gold flatter a variety of skin tones and works well with so many styles from vintage dress rings to contemporary rose gold engagement rings. We think Rose Gold is here to stay...

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