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Proposing Tips and Tricks

Proposing Tips and Tricks

September 10 2021

You may feel like you have the whole world on your shoulders when planning to propose! Of course you want it to go perfectly but just the thought of it may be stressing you out, below are tips and tricks for proposing that will hopefully help you out.

The Ring

Don’t guess what engagement ring they might want, it’s a big investment so don’t waste money on something they won’t love! In the meantime you can give them a ‘dummy’ ring when you propose. This way you can involve your partner in the process of choosing the ring, making it more personal and it takes the pressure off of you. To help with this, you can read our Buying Guide for the Both of you here

If you already know what your partner’s dream ring is, that’s absolutely perfect: this way you have the ring ready for the special day. You know your partner best, so if you know they won’t mind or they love surprises you should definitely select the ring yourself. You can use our Engagement Ring Buying Guide to help!

The Right Time

The best time to propose is when it feels right.

There may be a specific occasion that is special to both of you: though we wouldn’t suggest doing it on that specific date, we definitely recommend doing it around the date so it’s one special day after the next. 

Try not to propose when your partner is feeling stressed, anxious or they’re grieving - you don’t want your proposal to be tied with negative emotions.

Be Thoughtful

You don’t have to spend a fortune to make it special for you and your partner, think about what they love. You know them the best out of everyone so make sure you do something you know they won’t feel uncomfortable about. 

For example, do it somewhere public or infront of friends and family if your partner loves having the attention - who wouldn’t when you’re getting engaged? Or go down the other route and propose privately and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of just the two of you, cherish the moment. 

Booking a photographer to look back at your partners reaction and capturing their joy is definitely recommended. 

If you’re stuck on what to do after you could have a romantic walk, go for a meal, have a hotel room booked: whatever you both enjoy and makes you happy is perfect.

The Right thing to say

Don’t write a big speech that you won't be able to remember, save that for the wedding! Dig deep into your heart, or just say the four simple words: will you marry me?

Now you have some of our basic tips and tricks, go for it! 

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