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Quality Diamonds at a Quality Price

Quality Diamonds at a Quality Price

September 03 2021

Here at Quality Diamonds, we’re obsessed with finding our clients the absolute best diamonds and gemstones to be set into their jewellery. Here’s a bit of an insight into how our prices are so affordable and why we are the best place to shop when buying diamond jewellery :-)

Shopping for diamonds is an exciting time, whether it’s to buy an engagement ring, jewellery for yourself or as a gift - it should never be stressful. So choosing a jewellery retailer to trust is crucial. This is why we have partnered with an independent online review company, Trustpilot. They collect feedback from customers about their shopping experience with us, which helps you get a sense of what it’s like to work with us and ensures we give our customers the best products and service possible. After all, the last thing we want are negative reviews! Click here to read our customer reviews.

We are passionate about offering customers the very best value gems in the world and only recommend the very highest quality for your budget. Our precious stones are also unbeatable prices and we guarantee it! So how do we do it..?

Traditional diamond supply chains have a number of steps that include middlemen, which can affect the price of a diamond by the time it reaches you, the consumer. We work directly with the World’s biggest diamond cutters, effectively buying directly from the place that turns a rough stone into a beautiful finished diamond. There are no middlemen! We also operate online and from three showrooms, which are close to, but not on the High Street. This keeps our fixed overheads to a minimum and allows us to pass on those savings to you.

Getting a good deal on any purchase is a great feeling, but when the item in question is a diamond, the process can be quite daunting for first time diamond buyers! Trying to do independent research and reading advice on buying diamonds can be overwhelming, especially once you learn about the 4C’s, independent  diamond laboratories and some of the finer attributes that most diamond sellers don’t want you to know about. Which is why all our staff are highly trained with an incredible depth of knowledge. We will tell you things about diamonds that no-one, and I really mean no-one will tell you about! This is because they can sell you something slightly inferior and make more money for themselves, whilst claiming it's the same quality as something similar… trust me, it’s not!

We allow you to take your time and make the right decision, at the right price for you. Diamond shopping can be a lengthy process and we don’t expect a decision to be made in an instant. Our role is not to sell diamonds but to help you choose the right diamond for your budget. That means no hassle, no pressure and no being pressured into poor decision making!

Having hundreds of thousands of diamonds and thousands of pieces of jewellery to choose from, you should find something that perfectly matches your budget and if you don’t - you have the option for us to work with you to design your perfect individually designed bespoke jewellery.

You deserve to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience and finding the perfect high quality loose diamond or diamond jewellery for an amazing price, is the ultimate goal. Here at Quality Diamonds, we’ll help you do just that.


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