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Smaller Weddings Ideas and Tips

Smaller Weddings Ideas and Tips

July 15 2020

In a world with COVID19 we must adapt and make sacrifices, especially if you planned to get married in 2020 or 2021.

We know many couples have rearranged their wedding to be in a couple years time but some of us are just desperate to have that married title! You’re ready now, you don’t want to wait even longer to elope with your true love.

Those big dream weddings are now out the window and we are welcoming intimate receptions of 15. Though if you are desperate to have more than 15 people at your wedding, there’s now an option for a drive-in one! 

The plus side of a smaller wedding is it will be cheaper - therefore more to splurge on items like your wedding rings, wedding favours and other things that are special to you.

Smaller Wedding Ideas

  • A small non-traditional venue
  • Vineyard
  • Somewhere important to you and your partner
  • Woods or forest
  • A cute hotel
  • A pub
  • A town hall
  • Modern Barn
  • Somewhere local
  • Brunch or twilight wedding

Wedding Rings 

The one thing that will forever stay the same though is your wedding rings, they’re the one main thing you get to always keep from your big day (apart from your partner of course!). Therefore we believe it’s important to do your research and find the ones you both love, you’ll be wearing them everyday for the rest of your life after all. 

Tips and Tricks for Planning 

Only invite the ‘VIPs’ - you should not feel bad for not being able to invite some friends and family, it’s not in your control! Invite who you want, it’s your wedding.

Think about a social media ban - ask your guests to stay off their phones for the day, this is a special day and incredibly intimate so make sure everyone can be in the moment. The photographers will catch everything you need. 

Plan it for a weekday - with the small amount of guests you have, it will be easier for everyone to book the day off of work (and the venue may be cheaper).

Custom items and decorations - since there’s less guests, you can really personalise the guest cards, invitations, menus and even have a handwritten note for each guest. 

Splurge on priority items - this one speaks for itself really, but smaller weddings = less costs (for the most part), so you may have some extra to put more towards the cake, dress or rings. 

Set up a station for guest needs - with bits like hand sanitizer, deodorant, tissues, hand wipes and whatever else you think would be handy: maybe even some hangover kits!

Pay attention to smaller details - smaller details like personalisation, photos, a station  and other decorations are more greatly appreciated and will make your day that bit more special. 

Food - get a food truck rather than hiring a caterer, this way you will have food available all night! Who doesn’t love a late night snack at their wedding?

Include your furry family - you may not be able to have lots of people but you definitely can include your pets!

Now what are you waiting for? Go plan your wedding and love every moment of it!


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