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To Bespoke, or not to Bespoke

To Bespoke, or not to Bespoke

December 10 2021

Whether you're looking for diamond earrings or engagement rings, there's something extra-special about a diamond. For a lot of us, it's a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, and we understand that you want to get it just right. Sometimes in life, it's nice to stand out from the crowd and to express your own personality and tastes.

If you're tired of looking at the same old diamond engagement rings and you haven't found anything that really catches your eye then it might be time to trade in your high street jeweller for an exclusive independent retailer. Not only can we give you a broader range of pieces for every occasion, more specific diamond industry experience and advice, we also offer a bespoke design service.

When buying a gift, getting it just right means choosing with the recipient in mind; price and value for money are important, but what's most important is style. Engagement rings are particularly special, and often worn over years or decades. If you despair of finding one that's as unique as she is, then designing one with her style in mind might be the answer.  The option to choose a stone, a setting, a precious metal and a style means you can tailor the perfect unique ring both to her personal style and your private budget.


Here at Quality Diamonds we're used to helping couples make all the decisions when it comes to designing a bespoke engagement ring. We know that you need to consider colour, style and durability if you're choosing between different metals, help you decide between different shapes or cuts of diamond, and give you no-nonsense expert advice regarding style and the possibilities of design. From glamorous and unusual palladium diamond rings to the perfect traditional yellow gold solitaire ring with that all-important personal touch, we're the experts when it comes to getting you from dreaming about your ring to holding it in your hand. So be bold today: go bespoke and take the first step towards getting the engagement ring that's perfect for you, at a price you'll both like.

By following the bespoke route, you can rest assured that you will not have to compromise at all in terms of the design of the pieces. Also, you can make a statement to the world. And, when people compliment you on your fabulous jewellery, you might feel a real sense of pride. After all, by requesting certain design features yourself and getting customised products, you are showing off your creative flair.

Here at Quality Diamonds, we aim to ensure that all our customers get the perfect diamond earrings and so on for them. That's why, as well as offering a superb array of pre-designed items, we also provide a flexible service that enables you to create your own pieces.

Our master craftsmen will make products that suit your every need and desire. For example, you can take your pick from our impressive range of loose diamonds and design your own ring or other such item based on your particular preferences.

So, if you want the perfect pieces of jewellery, you have come to the right place. With a little imagination, you can end up with the very best products for you.


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