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Your secret shortcut to finding the biggest, best, and cheapest diamonds online

Your secret shortcut to finding the biggest, best, and cheapest diamonds online

January 14 2023

You’re a smart person. You already know why it’s a good idea to buy diamond jewellery online. You get the lowest prices, the biggest choice, and the greatest freedom.

With thousands of diamonds literally at your fingertips, you’re able to buy the diamond you want at a price you can feel good about.

But there is one downside to all these choices.

Finding the perfect diamond in a haystack full of diamonds can be tricky. Even when you know exactly what you’re looking for.

For example, let’s say you want a nice one-carat-ish diamond for around £6000. A quick search on the Quality Diamonds website yields around 400 matching diamonds. What now? How are you supposed to choose?

It takes a long time to leave no stone unturned

Most diamond jewellers (and yes, until recently, that included us) expect you to sift through these search results in order to find "The One". We knew this was asking a lot, which is why we developed our unique DiamondScore rating, which certainly makes finding the most beautiful diamond a lot easier.

But still. Shouldn’t there be some way you can quickly see – at a glance – the best we have to offer? Or the biggest – if that’s what you’re after? Or the cheapest? Isn’t that what you’d expect us to show you if you walked into our showroom?

That’s why, if you select "You Choose" our search will show these four results:

Now, as well as seeing 400 similar diamonds, you see these four.

It’s why we’re called Quality Diamonds, not Quantity Diamonds :-)

If four matching diamonds don’t sound like much, think of it this way. We’re not only showing you every diamond that matches your search – but also the ones you’re most likely to want. It’s as if we’ve scurried out to the diamond vault with your search criteria and returned with these four gems (it may help if you picture them on a velvet cushion).

Let’s take a closer look:

The ‘Lowest Price’ and ‘Biggest’ diamonds are exactly what you might expect them to be – as long as you bear in mind that ‘Biggest’ refers to actual dimensions, not carat weight.

The ‘Highest Quality’ diamond is also self-explanatory. It may not be the biggest; it almost certainly isn’t the cheapest. But it is the most beautiful, sparkling, breathtaking diamond that matches your search. (For this reason, it will have the highest DiamondScore.)


You could stop there, but we’d recommend you didn’t. Because even the ‘Highest Quality’ diamond isn’t always the diamond we’d encourage to you buy. We want you to get the best value – the biggest, most beautiful diamond at the lowest price - and that is often a lot harder to find.

This brings us to the rule-breaking ‘Recommended’ diamond.

The diamond that dares to be different

You might notice that this diamond doesn’t completely match your search criteria. Perhaps it’s a little bigger than you were looking for. Or maybe it’s just a fraction outside your price range. Forgive these minor transgressions – it’s a complex little algorithm.

Let’s face it, when you search for anything online, you will only ever get things that match your search. Which is great (who wants socks when you’re looking for sausages?) - but somewhat limiting.

It’s like your personal diamond shopper – but not as pushy

What the ‘Recommended’ diamond does is give you a wildcard. Imagine it’s a helpful assistant suggesting, “If you drop the clarity grade slightly, you can get a much bigger diamond that will still look as stunning” – or “If you’re prepared to spend a little bit extra, you can get a higher quality diamond that’s also bigger at a lower price per carat”.

In a nutshell, the ‘Recommended’ diamond is not the biggest, the best quality, or the lowest price. Instead, it’s the ideal combination of all three. It gives you a diamond to consider that you may never have found on your own.

What’s your diamond search style?

Of course, if you like the idea of evaluating each and every one of your 400+ search results – or you just want to have a browse – you’re quite welcome to. In this case, having these four recommended diamonds for comparison will help. You can easily see the two search views, or you can add any diamond to your Wishlist to ponder at a later date.

Whatever your preferred search style, we truly believe that this new way to look for diamonds will save you time, money and perhaps a little bit of sanity. But of course, only you can say that for certain.


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